Friday, March 20, 2015

C-Mod Life 2015 - Pre-season

I've had the fortune of co-driving Mike Marich's Petrel Data C-Mod Formula Swift last year, my first full year racing in CM.

Knowing (somewhat) better what to expect over the year, I hope to do a few amateur posts and videos showing some behind-the-scenes of the life of C-Modders.  Hopefully it will be revealing to find out what happens before we show up in a race car and race.

I am the braun on the team...(looks in mirror...) I am the cheap labour on the team, so will unlikely be revealing any real geeky tidbits but if somehow the opportunity arises, I certainly will.  If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will see what I can do to answer them (I like to think I'm learning SOMETHING during this process).

Right now, we are just wrapping up some maintenance on the car as over the off-season, it appears a leak in the transaxle has developed late last year so we took it apart, checked and resealed/reassembled it.  Below is a rough video of putting it back together.  The video was actually only a test time lapse so it doesn't reveal all the details we went through to get it back in:

We also took the steering wheel out to take some measurements for a new one Mike wants to spec out, and that went back in just recently as well:

We'll be putting the final pieces back on soon with a shakedown test to follow!

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