Sunday, September 8, 2013

I blog for 12x12

[The title comes from the fact that I had started this blog to see if I had a unique perspective to add to the blogosphere.  Sadly I only blog about 12x12 and few other items haha]

It's 2013 and the 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon has come and gone.

The rush of getting a ticket into this year's event, the blur of 12 hours and the soaking of sore feet, all come and gone.

I've been fortunate enough to participate in 4 years of the 5 years of the 12x12 event.  I've never been less excited with each succeeding year.

My first year in 12x12 impacted my photography to a great degree.

My 2nd year was a "let's learn from last year" (e.g. carry a tripod).

3rd year, let's just enjoy this and maybe something will come of it.

In 2 previous years, I've excitedly jumped on the computer afterwards and recanted my marathon experience, hoping to put you in my shoes and live the same journey I travelled on that day.

This year… it came and went… and I feel a strange serenity about it all.

I was absolutely excited to be one of the very lucky 59 to get a ticket when they came on sale.

As usual, I hoped to practice some ideas for themes and never really developed anything like last year's winner Ryan Mah.  I did very much want to execute a 'theme' I came up with last year but didn't and have been regretting it ever since.

The most practice I did this year was loading film.  This simple, mundane task was repeated at least 20 times on my camera.  Loading, rewinding just enough, re-loading, rewinding... There would be no mistake.  Hope nobody befell any film issues this year!

Even with my resolve to execute the theme I had concocted for the 2012 marathon, I still didn't prepare for it.  I hurriedly prepared some necessary materials the MORNING of before heading to Commercial Drive for check-in.  I only tried a digital version of it tonight, a week later and feel hopeful that it did turn out, barring any equipment mishaps.  Hope you enjoy it if it does!

Finally, the competition, normally I would detail my journey through the day but this year, there really isn't much that stands out to me.  Maybe my creativity has dropped off.  The feeling throughout the day was purposeful focus.  Get an assignment, complete the assignment.

There was the rush, but falling behind didn't faze or stress me out at all this year.

The interesting things is I finished the marathon quite happy about my photos.  They may not be the best, they may not win anything, but in past years, I've always felt some regret that I missed a certain shot or that I could've taken a better photo.  There may be one or two photos this year where I feel a touch of that but nothing that really stands out as major regret.

Maybe that's where the peace comes from, the feeling of finally completing the marathon to more satisfaction than previous years.

Maybe I'm finally feeling comfortable with myself, I chose to shoot what I shot and it's done.

Maybe that's experience?

Regardless, I await the exhibition on October 12 with bated breath along with everyone else.  I'm sure excitement will creep in again as the time approaches.

Thank you again to the organizers and sponsors and JJ Bean - Commercial Drive for supporting this great event!

PS: OK, here's a link to a hint as to my 'theme'

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