Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aileen & Scott's Wedding

June 18 - our good friends Scott & Aileen got married in a cozy civil ceremony at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.  Bride and Groom along with the bridal party were beautiful and at their finest.  The ceremony was held on a balcony overlooking the marina which made for a beautiful backdrop of the Yacht Club marina, English Bay and the North Shore mountains.  The weather was comfortably overcast, excellent lighting for photography ;) and opened up as the day progressed.

In addition to being a guest, I had a secondary mission which was to help Precious Pear Floral Designs (run by my good friend's wife Janice) photograph the flowers they made for Aileen & Scott.

This was my first attempt at photography with purpose outside of the 2010 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon (more on that later) and did my best shooting and in post-processing, of both which I will readily admit to generally being lazy at normally.

Well, I must say I impressed no one more than myself with the results and here is the gallery for you to see for yourself, constructive comments are welcome!

Aileen & Scott's Wedding Pictures

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